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Hot Water in Woollahra

There was a loud bang in the courtyard. Adam sat up in bed, listening intently. Nat grumbled, rolled over and went back to sleep beside him. After what seemed like an eternity, Adam lay back down. It was probably just a dream. hot water maintenance He closed his eyes, but sleep wouldn’t come. Resigned, he got up, grabbed the torch from the draw next to his bed, and headed outside to see what the problem was, praying it wasn’t some crazy burglar waiting to get him. He rounded the corner and found a large, hulking figure crouched over the side footpath. He kicked it and watched as the hot water tank shifted slightly. That was not good. Better than being robbed, but still not good. He hopped over the growing pool of water and turned off the water to the house. He didn’t want the leaking tank filling with more water over the rest of the night!

Fortunately, the Neighbourhood Plumber was able to get there the next morning, even after Adam had rung at 6 that morning. The Plumber looked at the fallen tank, before examining the brackets. Half of them hadn’t been fixed to anything, and the rest had rusted and given way, allowing the tank to be knocked over. Probably a possum, Adam suggested, they liked using the tank as a jumping platform. The Plumber checked the tank, but it had been damaged in the fall. Fortunately the tank had been on its last legs anyway, and both Adam and Nat had been toying with getting it replaced. The Plumber quoted on replacing the tank. Adam checked the price with Nat before giving the go ahead. The Plumber drove to the suppliers and picked up a new hot water tank. He then returned and began setting it up. The water connections were made, the power connected, and the tank began filling. The Woollahra Plumber had Adam come and check the fixings, so that he knew the tank had been fastened correctly to the side of the house. Satisfied, Adam gave him the all clear. The Plumber packed up his tools and threw the old tank in the back of his truck to dispose of, leaving Adam with nothing to do except enjoy his restored hot water.

If your hot water service is giving you hassles, call your local Woollahra Plumber now to sort it out! Experienced with both gas and electric tanks, your Neighbourhood Plumber can help! Call now on 0488 885 209!

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