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Got a plumbing emergency? Don’t panic and contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. At Plumber Woollahra, we ensure to deliver quick and reliable plumbing services. Our emergency plumbing engineers are certified and experienced to deal with several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Hot water emergencies
  • Blocked Drains
  • Leaks or burst pipes

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Emergency Plumbing in Woollahra

It was a nice spring day, even better because it was a Sunday and she wasn’t working. The wind had died off overnight, allowing for beautiful blue skies and a warm sun. Sarah tossed the last of the leaves into the tub and sat back on her heels, looking at her freshly weeded front garden. She’d have a quick bit of lunch then duck out to buy some flowers to fill in the spots that hadn’t made it through winter. She stood up and rinsed her hands under the garden tap, before twisting the handle closed. Only, the water kept pouring out of the tap. She twisted the handle the other way, then closed, but nothing happened. Water continued to pour into the grate in a torrent. Sarah turned off the water meter at her front gate and trekked inside to dig out the number of her local Woollahra Plumber.

The Neighbourhood Plumber examined the tap after Sarah explained the problem. He set down his tools and began disassembling the tap. It was old, the handle stiff and the internals were failing. Instead of just fixing it, the Plumber suggested replacing the tap with a quarter turn tap. He got one out of his truck to show Sarah. It was easier to use than the standard pillar tap, he explained, handing it to her to examine. Instead of screwing the tap opened and closed, all you needed to do was turn the handle left or right to control the flow of water. Sarah immediately agreed. She’d been constantly meaning to do something about the garden tap. It was always stiff and took forever to actually twist on in the first place. The new tap sounded (and looked) like a great idea! The Plumber got to work installing the tap she’d been holding only moments earlier. Once done, he turned the water back on at the meter and had Sarah test the tap. She turned the lever slightly and water began to run. She opened it up fully before closing it again. It was so much easier to use! The Plumber was quick in packing up his tools and cleaning up the old tap parts from her lawn before he left her to continue her gardening.

If you have a Plumbing Emergency you need dealt with, contact your Woollahra Plumber now on 0488 885 209!. If it’s a blocked drain, faulty hot water system, a gas issue or any other sort of plumbing emergency, you can trust your local Neighbourhood Plumber to help!

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