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Drainage Rehabilitation for the Least Work Obstruction

Whether in domestic or in industrial usage, drains and drainage scheme to get the excess water drained out from different points of utilization, and carry out the water for preventing accidents, flooding or conditions that may create health risks.A healthy and active drainage system is a basic requirement in a society as it helps us prevent unplanned water damage and health hazards.Drain rehabilitation is warranted if the pipes or other means of carriage of water is chocked, blocked or broken.If not repaired or rehabilitated in time, the usual activities will be obstructed that may cause huge financial loss and working inconvenienced.


Why Drainage Rehabilitation?

• Curtails inconveniences at work places

• Cuts down the need for emergency repairs and short term maintenance that obstructs normal functioning

• Avoids chances of sewer back-ups

•Food and chemical industries, restaurants and hospitality industries, hospitals, malls, main drainage lines, lateral drain lines, prisons, grease traps, Airfields, Sea Defense Distribution and manufacturing countries, domestic residential hoses and colonies.

• Assessment of condition of pipes and minor repair of sanitary and storm trunk sewer.

• Odor control by upgrading in constructing the existing drainage system

• Rehabilitation of pump stations

• Rehabilitate drips drop manholes that are susceptible to quicker corrosion

• Inspection and repair of storm outfalls for counteracting the river action, damage caused due to flow of ice.


Advanced Techniques

Systematized and the latest techniques used in Drainage rehabilitation has facilitated economical solutions for repairing and sealing of the damaged units. For this, it is required to undertake the survey, analysis of the affected areas prior to rehabilitation. The surveys could be taken up by CCTVs and analysis may require compliance with Pollution Prevention Guideline (PPG).

Just as any other industrial activities such production and distribution, rehabilitation of drainage needs proper planning and management so that any damage or fracture to the existing drainage system does not become an obstruction to the normal activities of any business.